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    Our private jet charter
    the essence of pleasure

    Jet charter bypasses airport delays, liquid restrictions and all the frustration of commercial flying. You are whisked. Yes, that’s what best describes our air charter service. We whisk you in comfort where you want and when you want. You are in control of your timetable and itinerary.

    Joined-up travel from A to B using your choice of chauffeured or courtesy car, and helicopter transfers on arrival. Over 1,000 private jets are at your disposal, many at very short notice. You can be on your way to any of 5,000 airports in 120 countries. Just say the word.

    Tell us what you want to do when you get there and we make it happen. A hotel or a table at your favourite restaurant or club? If it can be arranged, we will do it. Or leave the choice to us.

    Inflight cabin experience match your desires

    A short business trip has different priorities from a holiday or leisure break. You may delight in an onboard dining experience and ultimate comfort, or maybe just a snack and a drink while you work.

    That’s the beauty of choosing Odyssey Connections to arrange things for you. We match the jet, the cabin service and the comfort level to what you want to get out of your flying experience.

    A family wants something to keep children entertained, a bit of pampering for the grown-ups and maybe bring pets along too. We can make sure you get anything and everything you need to make your trip truly enjoyable and memorable.


    Heading off to a sports event with friends, taking business acquaintances for a meeting, or rewarding colleagues for a job well done? . . . We tailor the experience to suit the group.


    Why use Odyssey Connections
    for private jet charters?

    Flying by private jet glides you fast and smoothly in a luxurious environment with superlative service. Our experience and high standards make your experience memorable.

    Itinerary and timetable: You decide on the when, where from and where to. We put the pieces of the jigsaw together so you get a seamless and successful outcome.

    Style and comfort: Charter flying is still a joy. We shape your experience to be really comfortable and hassle-free with luxury and old-fashioned service a priority.

    Security and privacy: We keep your details an itinerary strictly confidential, and liaise with your security people to cover all the angles they specify.

    Cost effective: We achieve market-beating prices because of the amount of business we do with our private jet owners so you always get excellent value.

    Small is flexible: Because we are a family business, we are constantly in touch with each other and everybody here will be working on your behalf, which really does matter.

    Global network: We have built it up over 20 years and many, many destinations so we have local experts at your disposal wherever you go. Help is always at hand.

    Corporate, Leisure and
    Last-minute private jet charters

    Corporate CHARTER

    Business aviation is just another tool for smart business where time is money. More than a mere air taxi, our corporate charters combine comfort, discreet service, speed and flexibility. Work as you fly, hold in-air meetings, pick up colleagues or clients en-route. You are in charge. We match the jet to the needs of you or your party and take care of you with good old-fashioned personal service.

    Leisure Charter

    There is nothing like a private jet charter to start your holiday off in style, comfort and luxury. A weekend getaway, skiing trip, or your villa in Champagne or even exploring Bhutan. We get you there faster and with no traffic or hassles about connecting flight schedules and long queues. From A to B quickly, with a little pampering for good measure.

    Last Minute Charter

    Destination no object with over 1,000 aircraft on our books, many available at the drop of a hat. Maybe your commercial flight has been cancelled or life has thrown you a curve ball that changed your travel plans at the last minute. Private charter is extremely flexible, with high availability from hundreds of locations across the UK and throughout Europe. We understand the nature of urgency and what to do when something simply just has to be done, and now.


    Call us on 0203 004 8300 or use our contact form, and let us know what you have in mind. Tell us the group size, what level of style, comfort and dining/wining you would like, and whether you want door-to-door service or onward transport/restaurant/hotel bookings.

    We will find the best matching options from our owner fleet and send you a list to choose from. Each jet has its own capacity, comfort levels and dining options. We may suggest alternative airports too, along with reasons why they might suit.

    Select one and we will book it, send you details about the airport terminal, how to get there, who will meet you, flight times and durations and so on. We are always at the end of the phone 24/7 to help with queries or any issues on your trip.

    Yes. We will choose aircraft that will accommodate your pet.
    There are conditions:
    Your pet must be microchipped
    You need a pet passport to fly out of or into the UK
    Your pet must have a current valid rabies vaccination cert
    For dogs, the government website says: A vet must treat your dog for tapeworm and record it in the pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate every time you want to bring it to the UK. The treatment must have been given no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours (5 days) before you enter the UK. Your dog can be refused entry or put into quarantine if you do not follow this rule.

    There are practical limits, yes, but generally you can take more than on commercial flights depending on the cargo capacity of the aircraft. Tell us if you intend bring skis, golf clubs or firearms. They can impact our choice of aircraft for you. Not all captains permit guns on board and ammunition must be stored separately. A valid firearms license is essential and will be closely scrutinised.

    Charter flights use the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) which is away from the hustle and bustle of the normal terminal. The checks are the same but much faster because of no queues. Sometimes you can get there just 15 minutes before take-off or be dropped off at the aircraft steps. Every charter is different. We will send you full details when you book.

    When you book an exclusive charter then you have wide control over most everything, even changing plans mid-flight. Just call us.

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