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    Private Jet Charter Flight
    in London Offering
    Essence of Pleasure

    If you are looking for a charter flight in London, get in touch with a trustworthy source like Odyssey Connections. Here, you can get the perfect private flying experience and avoid the frustrations of commercial flying. You can skip the never-ending queues, rigid restrictions or luggage handling worries.

    You only need to contact our team for the best London charter flight service.

    We offer a serious approach when it comes to connectivity. As a patron of our service, you can count on us to take you to the last point. Along with our fleet of 1000 private jets, we offer joined-up travel in your preferred chauffeured and courtesy car. We also provide helicopter transfers, which helps us cater to you until the last point. We have access to 5,000 airports across 120 countries.

    Inflight cabin experience match your desires

    At Odyssey, we first understand the purpose of your trip. Upon getting the information, we customise the services to provide you with a perfectly personalised experience. Our team makes an effort to find the right type of jet and match the cabin service and crews accordingly. Whether you are going on a holiday or out for emergency work, our crews will offer services accordingly.

    In our private jet charter flights in London, you can remain assured of getting the best service from our well-trained cabin crews. They can always guarantee you a luxury flying experience, ready to serve according to your requirements. We can also customise the perfect food arrangements that match your taste and mood.

    You should count on us for luggage handling and looking after the smaller members of your family, like your child or pet.


    Heading off to a sports event with friends, taking business acquaintances for a meeting, or rewarding colleagues for a job well done? . . . We tailor the experience to suit the group.


    Why use Odyssey Connections
    for private jet?

    Odyssey Connections is the name for you when you want a luxury travelling experience on a charter flight. Our company is capable of providing you with a seamless flying experience within a luxury set-up. You should choose us as a private charter flight service for the following reasons:

    Itinerary and timetable: Get a seamless travelling experience in a private chartered flight according to your schedule. All you need is to furnish us with the details of your itinerary. Our trained flight crews will ensure that they take care of the rest.

    Style and comfort:  Our service defines the true meaning of a hassle-free flight. We always aim to provide you with a smooth flying experience in any given corner of the world. We give high regard to luxurious and classical in-flight amenities and make sure the arrangements are top-notch.

    Security and privacy: Our team gives utmost importance to ensuring your travel is safe and private in our chartered flight in London. We follow a strictly confidential method in keeping your itinerary private. You can also remain assured about the security of your private flight.

    Cost-effective: As a private and charter flight operator in London, we can provide you with a luxurious service that does not exceed your budget. We guarantee a value-for-money extravagant flying experience in modern jets with the finest service.

    Small is flexible:  As a family business, we know flexibility is an underrated feature in providing luxury service. Therefore, we work on various things to match your requirements and offer smooth travel.

    Global network:  We are well-connected worldwide, having access to different airports across 120 countries. We also have local experts who are always ready to help with your travel needs.

    Corporate, Leisure and
    Last-minute Charter Flight London

    Corporate CHARTER

    Emergencies in business can come at any point in time. If you want to travel between locations at short notice, you can always come to us. We provide you with luxury private jet charter flights that combine comfort, speed and flexible services. You can also hold meetings with your clients, pick up colleagues en route and enjoy our personalised services.

    Leisure Charter

    Want to spend your holiday in style? Book a charter flight in London with Odyssey Connections. We ensure that you begin your journey on the right note and show off an impeccably stylish mode of travel. Move over the meandering queue at the airport and the tensions associated with luggage handling.

    Last Minute Charter

    At Odyssey Connections, you can choose any of our 1000 private chartered flights to cater to your last-minute travel plans. This will come to your help during flight cancellations and emergency plans. You can hire our flight for travel across multiple destinations in Europe and other continents. Our staff understands the nature of your urgency and customises the services accordingly.


    Call us on 0203 004 8300 or use our contact form, to hire a London charter flight. Tell us the group size, what level of style, comfort and dining/wining you would like, and whether you want door-to-door service or onward transport/restaurant/hotel bookings.

    We will find the best matching options from our owner fleet and send you a list to choose from. Each jet has its own capacity, comfort levels and dining options. We may suggest alternative airports too, along with reasons why they might suit.

    Select one and we will book it, send you details about the airport terminal, how to get there, who will meet you, flight times and durations and so on. We are always at the end of the phone 24/7 to help with queries or any issues on your trip.

    Yes. We will choose aircraft that will accommodate your pet.
    There are conditions:
    Your pet must be microchipped
    You need a pet passport to fly out of or into the UK
    Your pet must have a current valid rabies vaccination cert
    For dogs, the government website says: A vet must treat your dog for tapeworm and record it in the pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate every time you want to bring it to the UK. The treatment must have been given no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours (5 days) before you enter the UK. Your dog can be refused entry or put into quarantine if you do not follow this rule.

    There are practical limits, yes, but generally you can take more than on commercial flights depending on the cargo capacity of the aircraft. Tell us if you intend bring skis, golf clubs or firearms. They can impact our choice of aircraft for you. Not all captains permit guns on board and ammunition must be stored separately. A valid firearms license is essential and will be closely scrutinised.

    Charter flights use the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) which is away from the hustle and bustle of the normal terminal. The checks are the same but much faster because of no queues. Sometimes you can get there just 15 minutes before take-off or be dropped off at the aircraft steps. Every charter is different. We will send you full details when you book.

    When you book an exclusive charter then you have wide control over most everything, even changing plans mid-flight. Just call us.

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