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    About Us

    Odyssey Connections takes you places – in style and comfort with a strong emphasis on luxury.

    From pickup at your door in our chauffeured service to whisk you to your private jet charter, flying to an exclusive villa holiday or your very own private yacht charter. Business or pleasure, solo or en famille, we take care of every little detail so you don’t have to.

    Odyssey Connections is a family affair – me, Tom McNally, and my sons Elliot and Mitch.

    That makes communications uncomplicated and getting things done easier. We share a common ethos and know each other’s roles and strengths intimately. We are a pretty effective unit.

    Where it all started


    I founded our chauffeur services about 20 years ago and this arm of the business now runs 8 vehicles. The boys decided to launch into private jet charter, exclusive villa holidays and concierge services a few years ago. We joined forces under the Odyssey Connections banner in 2015.

    In all that time we have dealt with literally thousands of customers, many of whom have returned time and again.


    We know our clients expect a professional experience with a personal touch. They expect us to be discreet at all times and make their travels seamless and very stylish because that is what they are looking for when using us.

    All our clients come with their own specific requirements, some more challenging than others, but they all get treated the same top quality of service whoever they are. We firmly believe in good old-fashioned service values where the client’s needs always come first, no matter what.


    I’m Tom (Dad). I always wanted to do something with both the boys. Originally, I wanted to play competitive football with them. It was apparent from early on I would be too old for that. Instead, I now get great pleasure from working with them.

    My ideal is to for us take the company forward together, Coronavirus permitting, then ease off myself and watch the boys succeed.
    I started chauffeuring as a job in 1996 and went out on my own to form SouthEast Executive in 2004 from scratch. After doing sub-contract work, I gradually started to win my own clients. In 2006 I was awarded a contract with an Executive Airline based in Switzerland. To this day the CEO is a personal friend and I/we still drive him and all of his extended family.
    One of the biggest bonuses for me is getting paid to drive around in luxurious cars!
    Some of my passions outside work include travel on holidays. We as a family have been exceptionally lucky to have travelled to many parts of the world of which one major highlight must be turning up in Florida to watch a Space Shuttle Launch, and of course, a round of golf.


    What I love about my role within the business is meeting new clients and connecting with them to make them feel safe and comfortable all through the time when they are in our care. To be able to make a client’s life that bit easier, more enjoyable and relaxed, and make it a stress-free environment can make all the difference to their trip.

    I am a very laid back and calm person but also feel the need for adrenaline so I like to indulge that on my holidays. I have no issues laying around the pool all day and soaking up the sun but I also do enjoy going on excursions to experience new activities. I like the simple type of holiday such as going to the south of Spain or going further abroad and experiencing new countries. A country I do want to visit is Japan as I am a great fan of Sushi.

    Outside of work I like going to the gym and looking after myself. That pays off at work too in making sure I am always presentable.


    There is so much I enjoy within my role, from meeting new clients, creating a bespoke trip for a client for whom it has been a lifelong dream and who has been working towards it for a while. On top of this, I get to travel the world and experience some of the most incredible things that people normally don’t have access to.

    Depending on what sort of holiday I’m looking for, I love the party scene you find in Las Vegas, Ibiza and Marbella, but you can also go spend some time in an area that’s a little more quiet and serene. I would love to go to Mykonos in the near future as well as a few other places where I can relax for a few days before getting back to work.

    Fortunately, a number of my passions filter into my work, such as cars, watches and travelling. On top of this I like to keep an eye on the markets both for understanding what’s happening in the word and tracking investments. Going to the gym helps me clear my head on a daily basis and helps me to stay disciplined

    What the future holds

    Go online: In the next 18-24 months the company will have to adapt to the changing world around us. Plans are under way to take all of our platforms online so that clients can book and pay without hassle but also still pick up the phone if they prefer to speak to someone directly.

    Going green: Our vehicle ownership policy is to buy hybrid vehicles as we move into a more ecologically aware electric and hybrid world, and going green is the way forward.

    Covid: At time of writing heading into 2021 we have the ever-present situation of the pandemic. We have had to adjust accordingly making sure all vehicles are thoroughly sanitised every 48-72 hours along with all other necessary safeguards.

    Jet charter: We predict that a lot more people are going to start travelling privately rather than in large steel cans with strangers, about whose health they have no idea.

    Chauffeuring: We are servicing more and more people with our chauffeuring service. Currently we have a network built up across major cities in the US and Europe. Next, we would like to make this a lot more extensive so that no matter where you go, Odyssey Connections will always be able to provide you with travel whether it be by ground, sea or air.

    Overall: In the next 18-24 months, to grow the company in all areas and establish Odyssey Connections as a household name in the industry.

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